Friday, January 1, 2010

A convo between Carson and his Grandaddy

GD: Carson, how did you sleep last night?
C: Great.
GD: So, you didn't hear all that ruckus outside? (It was New Year's Eve)
C: No, I think your ears close when you go to sleep.
GD: Well how come I heard it?
C: You're alot older, so your ears don't close as much.
GD: Are you saying I'm old?
C: Well, you have gray hair. How old are you?
GD: 58
C: You don't look 58.
GD: Thanks Carson. How old do you think I look?
C: 60.

Happy Twenty Ten!

1 comment:

  1. Are you surviving Atlanta's Winter Blast of Twenty Ten? Yes, the boys were out of school again because it is a sunny 13 degrees (just like in Minnesota where they are currently finishing their school day). Love that Carson and I LOVE what comes out of his mouth!