Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like and Love

I listen to ESPN radio alot while I'm driving around our great metropolis. One of my faves (and at times, most hated) host is Colin Cowherd. He is arrogant and brash and says things that I wish I could get away with saying sometimes.. But, most of the time I agree with him in principle.

The other day, he was talking about how people are so in love with their team, or their player, or the sport in general. They become so in love with those things that they sacrifice ANYTHING and sometimes EVERYTHING to watch or cheer. I will quote him when he said,
"LIKE your team
LIKE your player
LIKE your sport
LOVE your wife
LOVE your kids.
LIKE everything else."

This doesn't sound as profound as I now type it, but for a moment, it made me stop and think: what do I like that I say I love, and what do I really love?
I LIKE: Oklahoma football
our house and cars
our cats
my macbook
my iTouch and playing Words with Friends on it
sleeping in (never happens) - ok- not getting right out of bed anyway
watching TV and movies with Ang

I LOVE: God (includes all three in one) and His Word
My wife
My kids
My extended family
The friends and mentors God has placed around me in my life

That's all I can think of right now - I may need to add to the list later. But, most importantly, I am stating that I will treat those things I like with the priority they deserve, and will commit to really love those things I love.

Thanks Colin.